Exchange Server 2010 – Changing Message Tracking Log Retention Period

To ensure that the Message Tracking Log is enabled, inside the Exchange Management Console, navigate to the following area:

Server Configuration >
Hub Transport >
Right click on your Hub Transport entry >
Log Settings Tab >
Check the box labeled "Enable message tracking log" and directly underneath it, enter the path where your log files will reside.

Open the Exchange Management Shell console and determine your server’s identity and verfiy logging is enabled with either of these commands.
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Outlook 2010 Hijacked

Today I received an email in my inbox that had auto-previewed and then Outlook immediately became non-responsive afterwards. I killed the task and re-opened the program only to find that was now attempting to connect to \\googleads.some.url and another site called \\\pixel at startup. After that Outlook would no longer open up fully and I would keep having to kill the task. The only way I was able to get the program to open was by running Outlook in safe mode.
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Cisco VPN Client Won’t Connect on Windows 7 x64 via 3g Modem

It turns out there is no support for WWAN connections on the 64 bit Cisco VPN Client (version so the client will connect but you can’t ping anything on the remote network and you will only see packets showing a bypassed status on the statistics page. Fortunately for some, you can resolve this issue by doing the following:
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Installing Logitech Webcam Software on Windows Server

Recently I had a bad run in when installing Logitech’s software for the Webcam Pro 9000 camera on Windows Server 2003 x64.

After searching online for an hour or so, I found an article that showed the supported operating systems matrix for the majority of their webcams. Unfortunately to my dismay there was no support for any of the versions of Windows Server and when trying to install the software for LWS2.51 you get a nasty little error message saying some garbage about being an unsupported operating system.
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