Cisco VPN Client Won’t Connect on Windows 7 x64 via 3g Modem

It turns out there is no support for WWAN connections on the 64 bit Cisco VPN Client (version so the client will connect but you can’t ping anything on the remote network and you will only see packets showing a bypassed status on the statistics page. Fortunately for some, you can resolve this issue by doing the following:

1. Uninstall the Cisco VPN Client
2. Download winfix.exe and dneupdate64.msi from the Citrix website to update the Deterministic Network Enhancer application
3. Run winfix.exe to completely remove old DNE application files and reboot
4. Run dneupdate64.msi to update the DNE application and reboot
5. Reinstall the Cisco VPN Client
6. Get back to work

I however could not get this solution to work on my Dell laptop via my wifi-tethered phone so I had to resort to switching to the VPN Client from a company called Shrew Soft Inc. On the plus side, it has a nifty import feature for the Cisco client’s .pcf files.

You can download this client for free here.

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