Exchange Server 2010 – Changing Message Tracking Log Retention Period

To ensure that the Message Tracking Log is enabled, inside the Exchange Management Console, navigate to the following area:

Server Configuration >
Hub Transport >
Right click on your Hub Transport entry >
Log Settings Tab >
Check the box labeled "Enable message tracking log" and directly underneath it, enter the path where your log files will reside.

Open the Exchange Management Shell console and determine your server’s identity and verfiy logging is enabled with either of these commands.

Get-TransportServer | Select Name,MessageTrackingLogEnabled | ft -auto
Get-MailboxServer | Select Name,MessageTrackingLogEnabled | ft -auto

Here you can check the current Message Logging values. It also aids in determining which switches to set.

Get-MailboxServer YourServerName | fl messagetracking*

You should see something like this…

MessageTrackingLogEnabled               : True
MessageTrackingLogMaxAge                : 30.00:00:00
MessageTrackingLogMaxDirectorySize      : 1000 MB (1,048,576,000 bytes)
MessageTrackingLogMaxFileSize           : 10 MB (10,485,760 bytes)
MessageTrackingLogPath                  : C:\Program Files\Exchange\TransportRoles\Logs\MessageTracking
MessageTrackingLogSubjectLoggingEnabled : True

Change your values to something more useful. In my case, space was not an issue so I enabled logging for 365 days and allocated 10 GB for log files.

Set-TransportServer YourServerName -MessageTrackingLogMaxAge 365
Set-TransportServer YourServerName -MessageTrackingLogMaxDirectorySize 10000MB

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