UltraVNC – Password Not Set: How to Install as a System Service

Trying to get UltraVNC (version to run as a system service is a pain in the ass if you don’t follow a specific set of steps during the setup process. It appears that if you check the box to install it as a service during the initial installation wizard, you will encounter the annoying “Password Not Set” error and nothing works. I also had issues with running the MSI installer rather than the EXE, so stick with the executable if you’re in a rush. I don’t have time at the moment to write up a giant all-encompassing post with accompanying pictures and what have you so here’s what you gotta’ to do:

  1. Run the UltraVNC installer – Setup.exe
  2. Accept the defaults until you get to the Select Components screen
  3. Check UltraVNC Server + UltraVNC Viewer if you want it
  4. On the Select Additional Tasks screen, DO NOT select “Register UltraVNC Server as a system service” or “start or restart UltraVNC service”.
  5. Finish the install
  6. Go to the UltraVNC Program Files folder and run “winvnc.exe”
  7. Right click on the VNC tray icon and go to Admin Properties
  8. Set your VNC passwords and any other options you want and click OK
  9. Right click on the VNC tray icon again and shut down the program
  10. Back in the Program Files folder, open up “uvnc_settings.exe” and make any other changes you want to the settings.
  11. If you did make changes click OK to save them and then go back into “uvnc_settings.exe”, if you didn’t make any changes go to the next step.
  12. Go to the Service tab and click “Install Service
  13. Then click “Start Service”and close out the window
  14. Open VNC viewer and make a test connection to the host.

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