uTorrent – Don’t Have Permission to Uninstall the Program

There are certainly versions of uTorrent that have massive problems. Whether it be the inability to click on magnet links and open them properly inside the program or the never-ending issue where the program constantly tells you some shit about there being an update when you open it and says something along the lines of “you already have a more recent version of the program installed, would you like to downgrade?”. Just an FYI, downgrading doesn’t do shit, it’s an endless loop of futility, sad faces, and teardrops.

It is even more disturbing when you want to uninstall uTorrent to try and install a more recent beta version that doesn’t have all these bugs and when you try to remove it the conventional way, you receive the message “You do not have sufficient access to uninstall uTorrent. Please contact your system administrator.” and you are logged on as the user with administrator rights.

From an end user’s perspective, what’s even more annoying, is that it doesn’t install to Program Files and just because you install it on one user profile, the program isn’t accessible when logged on as other user accounts on the machine.

From an administrator’s perspective, this is seen as a security issue to me. Sure there are other apps out there that do this, such as Google Chrome, but that doesn’t make it ok, I still want to punch them in the dick. Frankly, it kind of pisses me off. Basically they’re just circumventing the ability to require administrator privileges to install software on the machine, which I don’t necessarily agree with.

Anyhow, the quick fix to uninstall this little buggar is to either open up a command prompt or paste this into the run/search menu and it will open the uninstaller:

%APPDATA%\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe /uninstall

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  1. Just a word of advice, I ended up saying screw uTorrent altogether, with all of it’s problems, not to mention AVG flagging components as Trojans, and go download the open source software “qBitTorrent” from here instead. It works fairly well, without all the forced advertising that you would get from uTorrent or BitTorrent.

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