Outlook 2010 – Only Starts in Safe Mode

What a surprise, this morning I came into the office only to find that all of my people running Outlook 2010 were now having it open in Safe Mode and I immediately thought, OK this had to have been a Windows Update issue. This seems to be the norm for old Microsuck these days, as I’ve had these sort of problems with Outlook happen twice within the last month. Perhaps they should come up with a new slogan, “Microsoft: Raising the Bar in Repudiation”.

You know, I can’t complain though, good ole Windows Updates have never let me down. Wait, except for those dozen or so times when they caused my applications to stop working entirely or the few times when they even caused my servers not to boot up. But hey, it’s tough running an international monopoly making trillions of dollars and preying on it’s customers because then there’s only one company to take the blame when there is a problem. Anywho, the simple fix of the day is to uninstall Windows Update KB3114409.

I quickly found exactly which update was the culprit from here. Now hopefully I can force remove this patch from WSUS server so I don’t have to go around to like a dozen people’s computers.

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