Geoengineering in Progress – 2014

The simple truth is that Geoengineering/Climate Engineering/Weather Modification/Chemtrails are a global conspiracy FACT. If you believe otherwise, I suggest that you do a minimal amount of research, consider all of the pictures I have taken over the past several years as cold, hard, evidence and just go outside, look up, and pay attention.

This is all done blatantly, in your face, as you sit around watching TV all day being mesmerized by the LED flicker rates and psychological programming. We as a people need to stop being so damn naive and realize that you and everyone you love is being soft killed on a daily basis on every level.

They poison our food with GMO’s, pesticides, halides, and estrogen mimickers. They poison our air, our crops, our soil and environment with chemtrails. They poison our water with fluoride, glyphosate, and pharmaceutical runoff. They block your inability to think clearly or think critically by flooding your brain with chemicals, halides, and electromagnetic radiation. Worst of all, considering all of the aforementioned topics, they inhibit your ability to reproduce as a species.

If you haven’t figured it out already…You’re really going to NEED Obamacare when they’re done with you.

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