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Linzie Borden – Master Setlist

  1. Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know
  2. Audioslave – Show Me How to Live
  3. Better Than Ezra – Good
  4. Beyonce – Crazy in Love (50 Shades of Gray Remix)
  5. Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
  6. Black Sabbath – War Pigs
  7. Blink 182 – Dammit
  8. Blur – Song 2
  9. Breaking Benjamin – Failure
  10. Bryan Adams – Run to You
  11. Collective Soul – Gel
  12. Collective Soul – Shine
  13. Fallout Boy – Dance Dance
  14. Foo Fighters – Everlong
  15. Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench
  16. Foo Fighters – Rope
  17. Goldfinger – 99 Red Balloons
  18. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Big White Gate
  19. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Paris Oh La La
  20. Highly Suspect – Bloodfeather
  21. HIM – Wicked Game
  22. In This Moment – Whore
  23. Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
  24. John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band – On the Darkside
  25. John Mellencamp – Wild Night
  26. Leo Moracchioli – Hello
  27. Leo Moracchioli – Uptown Funk
  28. My Darkest Days – Porn Star Dancing
  29. Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name
  30. Redlight King – Bullet in My Hand
  31. Royal Blood – Figure it Out
  32. Seether – Fake It
  33. Seven Mary Three – Cumbersome
  34. Shinedown – How Did You Love
  35. Skid Row – 18 and Life
  36. Spacehog – In the Meantime
  37. Temple of the Dog – Say Hello to Heaven
  38. The Heavy – What You Want Me to Do
  39. The Pretty Wreckless – Take Me Down
  40. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
  41. Tool – Sober
  42. ZZ Ward – Put the Gun Down

Retired Songs

  1. Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion
  2. Bob Seger – Hollywood Nights
  3. Hole – Celebrity Skin
  4. Kalie Shorr – Fight Like a Girl
  5. Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire
  6. Lady Gaga – You and I
  7. Pink – Sober
  8. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground
  9. Silverchair – Israel’s Son

Linzie Borden Live Show – Jam Sessions at Thunder Valley Music Festival June 23rd 2017 @ Peoria Motorcycle Club

Linzie Borden is a cover band I joined back in late May of 2017.

Here’s the band’s Facebook page:

Here’s a live recording of my first show:

Lyrical Writing Tools for the Common Phoneticist

This is just my own personal archive of online tools that I employ on a regular basis when crafting my next lyrical monstrosity.

Dictionary – Word spellings and meanings

Thesaurus – Words that are similar, synonyms, antonyms – This one has annoying pop-ups and is smoking crack if they think anyone will pay for a subscription.
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Song Writing Structure, Ideas, and Concepts

The majority of these were pulled directly from some other website with a few additions here and there. I can’t recall exactly where I found these at this juncture but if I do stumble upon it again at some point (which I wasn’t able to find it via a quick web search, I found this several years ago and don’t know what I searched for), I will give the proper credit where it is due.

When I get stuck trying to write a song or have writer’s block, sometimes looking at this list can help me find my way or at least point me in the right direction. A lot of songs follow this basic structure or template.
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The Farm Hands – MP3 Downloads

The Farm Hands - Fresh Brewed

The Farm Hands – Fresh Brewed Satirical Artwork
Original Logo Copyright Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewing Company


  1. Romanian Man
  2. Too Broke to Break a Dollar
  3. Green Eyes to Blue
  4. Feel Free

Working Man’s Pardon EP

  1. Bright Future
  2. Where Can He Be
  3. +1
  4. Fall Apart
  5. Dakota
  6. PBR Blues
  7. I Could Only Find a Fork


Indecision 2012 – Lyrics by Nathan Thomas

You can listen to my song here.

Verse 1
How long can we sit and choose between the lesser of two evils
When the only real choice is to make no choice at all
Republicans, Democrats, they’re just two-faced sycophants
When they’re already bought and paid for, America doesn’t stand a chance
We are the land of the tyranny, home of the slave
With no Bill of Rights left, there’s no country left to save
This election year, twenty twelve, the year of Obamney
One’s a murderous dictator scum and the other’s a complete commie
No more posse comitatus, the states arming all around us
More than a billion bullets purchased, while these FEMA camps surround us
Better grab your gun, your kids, your keys, your car, your wallet and your wife
And take a tip or two from me before they come and raid your house at night
Freedom isn’t free, I won’t go down without a fight
I’m gonna take it to ’em till I’m blue and I’m no longer feeling this disgust inside
No I’m not a hater, I just want a decent choice or two
In the twenty twelve election the real loser is you
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The Farm Hands – Set List

EP – Working Man’s Pardon (2011)

  1. Bright Future
  2. Where Can He Be
  3. +1
  4. Fall Apart
  5. Dakota
  6. PBR Blues
  7. I Could Only Find A Fork

Other Original Singles

  1. Creature of Habit
  2. Romanian Man
  3. Green Eyes to Blue
  4. Feel Free
  5. Sick and Tired
  6. Good Enough
  7. Working Man’s Pardon
  8. Too Broke to Break a Dollar

Cover Songs

  1. The Plank – Devil Makes Three
  2. Graveyard – Devil Makes Three
  3. Shades – Devil Makes Three
  4. Traveling Song – Avett Brothers
  5. Love Like the Movies – Avett Brothers
  6. Lake of Fire – Nirvana
  7. Brady – Backyard Tire Fire
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The Farm Hands – PBR Blues

The Farm Hands Live – N.F.B. and Suicide Note Part 1

Live acoustic covers of Anthrax’s “N.F.B.” and Pantera’s “Suicide Note Part 1”.
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The Farm Hands – Bio

The Farm Hands Logo 01_15_2012
As with most of these posts, this is just for my own personal recollection and amusement. Consider it a journal of sorts if you must categorize it as something.

The Farm Hands was an acoustic rock band in the central Illinois area between the spring of 2010, to the summer of 2012. The band initially started out as a two piece acoustic guitar duo (Craig Keyes and Nathan Lhamon) but a few months later, in the fall of 2010, I (Nathan Thomas) joined in on electric bass to add a little bit more depth to the songs and to help fill the void. It’s kind of hard to put any sort of label on the style of music that we played, as there were many different genres of music. We played blue grass, twangy music, rock, heavy rock, light rock, easy listening, alternative rock, love ballads, 90’s hits, etc. You will just have to look at the set list and be the judge of that for yourself.


Nathan Thomas (left), Nathan Lhamon (middle), Craig Keyes (right)

One of the most fun and interesting things about the band was the fact that we all took turns switching off playing different instruments and singing vocals for various songs to keep things from getting monotonous. Typically Craig “Craigermeister” Keyes would play rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Nathaniel Lee Lhamon would play lead guitar and backup vocals, and myself, “The Doctor” (a nickname given to me by Craig whose origin is still unbeknownst to me to this day), a.k.a. Nathan J. Thomas, would play bass. I will note who played what instruments in a separate post I plan on making containing our set list.

During that time period, we played around two dozen or so local live shows and events, we could even be found playing at the occasional house party of friends and family. The majority of our shows were hosted at a local watering hole called Rhythm and Brews in our hometown of Pekin, IL. We also opened up for Central Illinois folk singer/artist, Chicago Farmer, on multiple occasions at another bar called Bottom’s Up.


Rhythm and Brews Pekin, IL

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