Song Writing Structure, Ideas, and Concepts

The majority of these were pulled directly from some other website with a few additions here and there. I can’t recall exactly where I found these at this juncture but if I do stumble upon it again at some point (which I wasn’t able to find it via a quick web search, I found this several years ago and don’t know what I searched for), I will give the proper credit where it is do.

When I get stuck trying to write a song or have writer’s block, sometimes looking at this list can help me find my way or at least point me in the right direction. A lot of songs follow this basic structure or template.

At Home Past Positive Relationships Positive Positive
Boyfriend Present Love Start Makes Sense Laughter
Girlfriend Future Friendship Keep Concerned Amusement
Husband Changing Kindness End Truth Ecstasy
Wife Talking Warmth Fulfilling Sorry Hugs
Baby Thinking Passion Unfulfilling Repentant Kisses
Child Reflecting Joy Engagement Apologetic Comfort
Teenager Hopes Pleasure Marriage Regret Cherished
Parents Dreams Happiness Divorce With Faith Nears
Grandparents Wants Tenderness Separation Knowingly Helpful
Other Relatives Needs Compassion Anniversaries Fairly Run to
Friends I/He/She Empathy Children Willingly Calmness
Family Never Sympathy Parents Effortlessly Self control
Enemies Understanding Friends With Feeling Hard working
Neighbours Justice Family In Control Courage
Pets Strength Police Can Recall Celebrate
Celebrity Thoughtful Life Events Desired Animated
Faith/Religion Humility Birth Keep Satisfaction
The Bible Modesty Life Wisely Surprise
God Opposites Death Strength Love
Jesus Inferior/ Good Health/Poor Health Eager Attention
Angels Superior Terminal Illness Patient Negative
Place Introvert/ Mental Health Organised Tears
Home/Away Extrovert Problems Self Reliant Panic
A Room Negative Depression Giving Numbness
Restaurant Sadness Healing Wishes Cling to
Bar Concerns Accidents/Traumas Hopes Push Away
Park/Garden Fears Abuse/Self Harm Dreams Walk Away
Street Anguish Having Children/ Acceptance Run Away
Town/City Anger Grandchildren Approval Violence
A Special place Temper Losing someone close Give time/money Isolation
Object Doubt Lose faith or hope Negative Separation
Possessions Resentment Buying a New Home Lies Phobic
Clothes Regret Moving Not Sorry Shaking
Purchases Remorse Selling a Home Unfairly Lazy
Technology Unjust Homeless No faith Dramatic
Furniture Jealousy School Life Unknowingly Disaster
Green Issues Hate Bullying Unwillingly Unresolved
Hobbies Pain Pass Exams Unfeeling Ignored
Food Dread Graduate Lack control Lack of attention
Holidays Weakness New Job Can’t Recall
Fitness Grief Job Loss Not Desired
Leisure Crazy Redundancy Discard
Transport Hurt Financial Problems Unwisely
Train Shame Victim of Crime Supremacy
Bus/Coach Terror Identity theft Heartless
Car Shock Criminal Control
Aeroplane Wicked Winning/Inheriting money Reticent
Bike Thoughtless Change Impatient
Motorbike Arrogance Stays the same Disorganised
Trauma Needs others
Untimely Death Rejection
Take time/money

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