Playstation 4 – Cannot Connect to the PSN Using Comcast Gateway

Back around Thanksgiving of this year, some family of mine was having some difficulty connecting to the Playstation Nework on his shiny new PS4 on his Comcast internet. Being the helpful tech stooge that I am, I decided to come over to offer my hand in assistance. I had previously set up all of the port forwarding rules and everything on his modem before for his PS3 and it was all working until now, so the issue didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

All in all, I ended up spending several hours scouring the PSN forums to figure out how to fix this issue and so I figured I would save you some time by documenting the resolution. It didn’t matter if I set the PS4 up with a static IP address, static DNS, or by putting it into a DMZ, nothing I did could make it connect to the Playstation Network. The strange part was, although all of the network test results were saying they were ok and he had a type 2 NAT type, I still couldn’t connect. What gives? I was baffled by this issue.

As it turns out, there has to be something wrong with or some sort of incompatibility with the PS4’s implemenation of AES encryption when connecting to the wireless network on the Comcast gateway. The quick fix is to go into the wireless settings on the Comcast gateway and switch the encryption type from AES to TKIP and then force disconnect the PS4 from your wireless network and then reconnect. This should hopefully resolve all your issues.

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