“Man Poem Number Two” by Nathan J. Thomas

Original artwork and poetry by Nathan J. Thomas

Burning with desire,
These veins pump liquid fire.
For when it’s man versus beast,
The yearning never fails to cease,
And ferocity rivals that of the tiger.

Intoxicated by the sight of her;
Lovestruck, enamored, yet I endure.
I purge my mind from the obscene,
Until my primordial self intervenes,
And clairvoyance cannot be deciphered.

Caught in the eternal struggle;
Conflicted on a whole nother level.
But when I’m voracious and malcontent,
I become inquisitive of my own intent;
An agony far beyond the depths of subtle.

For I am the corrupter of hearts,
To a slew of my female counterparts.
Then when it comes back around full swing,
And my heart is left dangling by a string,
Of lessons learned, my comprehension is sparse.

Therein lies the dilemma at hand;
For meddling in lives, I’ll be forever damned.
To defile a spirit so virtuous and pure
With bittersweet words of passion and allure;
Does this not make me less of a man?

If only, it were that easy.
If only, good intention appeased me.
Once I’ve developed the lust for her scent,
Not even a war of worlds could prevent
My judgement from becoming forever hazy.

Addicted to the thrill of the chase,
My pulse elevates at an erratic pace.
Chest tight, I struggle to breathe;
No signs of comfort, solace, or relief.
Only distraction can set me free of this malaise.

Foolish acts emanate from the sprung;
A proclivity to games and that which is dumb.
Engaging in innocuous conduct at first,
It proliferates into an insatiable curse
That no feeble-minded individual can overcome.

From the exchanging of epithets,
To a catharsis of secrets confessed.
Revelations of the most intimate stature;
Conclusions drawn after introspection captured.
A true conundrum; living life with no regrets.

From a deep slumber, I rise with the sun;
Mental sequestration should have already begun.
The double entendre, the quip, and the pun;
A duality in words; the thoughts I do shun;
Like the utterance of my name escaping her tongue.

A battle of wits; a race against time;
Visions serene and all too sublime.
A meandering of the mind is ill-advised,
For it is antithetical to thoughts benign.
Is she acrid to the taste or as sweet as wine?

The unquenchable thirst;
Raw depictions, unbridled and terse.
Fleetingly, one’s mind so easily immersed;
Acquiescing to this; changing her for the worse;
A graven mistake; borderline edge of perverse.

Enveloped by the shroud of love;
A fog so dense, ignorance looms from above.
Blinded by infatuation; nearsighted to a fault;
Chemical reactions leading the fervent assault;
Explosions of ecstasy one has only dreamt of.

A brazen warning to fools I heed;
No human is perfect, one must concede.
Be weary of choices driven by impulse;
Seldom do they produce desirable results
With derivations of envy, lust, or greed.

With the passage of time, feelings often fade;
From fatal flaws overlooked and faults unweighed.
Albeit saddening to say, so simple and true;
Best err to the side of caution, I sternly exude;
For this reason alone, a message must be conveyed.

Forgive me lord, for I am weak,
I carry these burdens of which I speak;
Afflictions to the deeds of the flesh,
Selfish acts fulfilled without redress;
Grant me strength beyond this mortal physique.

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