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The Farm Hands - Fresh Brewed

The Farm Hands – Fresh Brewed Satirical Artwork
Original Logo Copyright Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewing Company


  1. Romanian Man
  2. Too Broke to Break a Dollar
  3. Green Eyes to Blue
  4. Feel Free

Working Man’s Pardon EP

  1. Bright Future
  2. Where Can He Be
  3. +1
  4. Fall Apart
  5. Dakota
  6. PBR Blues
  7. I Could Only Find a Fork


The Farm Hands – Set List

EP – Working Man’s Pardon (2011)

  1. Bright Future
  2. Where Can He Be
  3. +1
  4. Fall Apart
  5. Dakota
  6. PBR Blues
  7. I Could Only Find A Fork

Other Original Singles

  1. Creature of Habit
  2. Romanian Man
  3. Green Eyes to Blue
  4. Feel Free
  5. Sick and Tired
  6. Good Enough
  7. Working Man’s Pardon
  8. Too Broke to Break a Dollar

Cover Songs

  1. The Plank – Devil Makes Three
  2. Graveyard – Devil Makes Three
  3. Shades – Devil Makes Three
  4. Traveling Song – Avett Brothers
  5. Love Like the Movies – Avett Brothers
  6. Lake of Fire – Nirvana
  7. Brady – Backyard Tire Fire
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The Farm Hands – PBR Blues

The Farm Hands Live – N.F.B. and Suicide Note Part 1

Live acoustic covers of Anthrax’s “N.F.B.” and Pantera’s “Suicide Note Part 1”.
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The Farm Hands – Bio

The Farm Hands Logo 01_15_2012
As with most of these posts, this is just for my own personal recollection and amusement. Consider it a journal of sorts if you must categorize it as something.

The Farm Hands was an acoustic rock band in the central Illinois area between the spring of 2010, to the summer of 2012. The band initially started out as a two piece acoustic guitar duo (Craig Keyes and Nathan Lhamon) but a few months later, in the fall of 2010, I (Nathan Thomas) joined in on electric bass to add a little bit more depth to the songs and to help fill the void. It’s kind of hard to put any sort of label on the style of music that we played, as there were many different genres of music. We played blue grass, twangy music, rock, heavy rock, light rock, easy listening, alternative rock, love ballads, 90’s hits, etc. You will just have to look at the set list and be the judge of that for yourself.


Nathan Thomas (left), Nathan Lhamon (middle), Craig Keyes (right)

One of the most fun and interesting things about the band was the fact that we all took turns switching off playing different instruments and singing vocals for various songs to keep things from getting monotonous. Typically Craig “Craigermeister” Keyes would play rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Nathaniel Lee Lhamon would play lead guitar and backup vocals, and myself, “The Doctor” (a nickname given to me by Craig whose origin is still unbeknownst to me to this day), a.k.a. Nathan J. Thomas, would play bass. I will note who played what instruments in a separate post I plan on making containing our set list.

During that time period, we played around two dozen or so local live shows and events, we could even be found playing at the occasional house party of friends and family. The majority of our shows were hosted at a local watering hole called Rhythm and Brews in our hometown of Pekin, IL. We also opened up for Central Illinois folk singer/artist, Chicago Farmer, on multiple occasions at another bar called Bottom’s Up.


Rhythm and Brews Pekin, IL

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The Farm Hands Live – East Bound and Down/Can’t Touch This/It’s Not Unusual

Acoustic cover mash up, featuring “East Bound and Down” by Jerry Reed, “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer, and “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones. Artists include myself, “The Doctor”, (Nathan Thomas) on bass, Nathaniel Lee Lhamon on lead banjo and vocals, and Craig “Craigermeister” Keyes on rhythym guitar and vocals.
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The Farm Hands Live – Camel Walk

Cover of “Camel Walk” by Southern Culture on the Skids, featuring The Farm Hands, my siberian husky, Dakota, on backup vocals, and special guest drummer Derek Curless.
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The Farm Hands – I Could Only Find A Fork

Here is a gag track from our first and only album “Working Man’s Pardon”. It has a cool little bass line and some catchy lyrics. We always got a lot of energy from the crowd whenever we played this song at live shows.

The Farm Hands – Romanian Man

Here is a single called “Romanian Man” from the three piece band (The Farm Hands) I was in from 2010-2012. This is my favorite song we ever did. We took turns switching instruments in a lot of different songs. I primarily played bass and did so in this particular little diddy. All of our songs can be found on my YouTube channel or on Soundcloud.