Putty – Import/Export Your Saved Sessions List and Settings

This one is simple enough, to export your saved sessions and your settings for PuTTY, just navigate to the following key in the registry, select it, right click, select Export, give it a name, and save it somewhere.


To import it, just navigate to and double click on your saved .reg file and answer yes to merge it with the registry.

If by chance you are needing to recover this data from an offline source, such as a damaged hard drive that is still accessible, you can open the registry editor and do the following:

Select/highlight the HKEY_USERS key
Go to File > Load Hive
Navigate and select %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\%USERNAME%\NTUSER.DAT
Enter in a display name for the imported hive such as "recover"
Navigate to the new "recover" hive
Find the Software key and follow the path in the directions above to export
Edit your saved .reg file and find and replace all instances of "HKEY_USERS\recover" with "HKEY_CURRENT_USER"
Now merge the settings with your registry
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  1. sickballz sickballz says:

    If you need to restore the settings from a computer that is offline, check out my WinSCP post here and follow the same steps except substitute the registry key location.

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