Manually Restore a Clonezilla Image When Destination Partition is Smaller than the Original

Today I ran into some problems with a hard drive that failed in a machine and I needed to restore a Clonezilla image. Unfortunately, the destination partition happened to be smaller than the original image so I couldn’t use the wizard because it errored out claiming I needed to use the -C option. The only problem is that from within the wizard you don’t even have the option to use it. After some searching, I found a few sites that said to use partclone.restore -C -s – -o /dev/(path to partition) and that failed everytime but at least pointed me in the right direction. To make a long story short, here’s a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ that should accomplish our end goal. From the shell, do one of the following:
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Installing Logitech Webcam Software on Windows Server

Recently I had a bad run in when installing Logitech’s software for the Webcam Pro 9000 camera on Windows Server 2003 x64.

After searching online for an hour or so, I found an article that showed the supported operating systems matrix for the majority of their webcams. Unfortunately to my dismay there was no support for any of the versions of Windows Server and when trying to install the software for LWS2.51 you get a nasty little error message saying some garbage about being an unsupported operating system.
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