Hackintosh – Install UniBeast on a 128 GB PNY USB Thumb Drive

While dicking around trying to get UniBeast 5.0 to install on a 128 GB PNY thumb drive so I could install Yosemite on a PC at work, I ran across several posts on tonymacx86.com saying that thumb drives over 32 GB weren’t supported (here is an example) and that a bunch of users were saying that they had to go out and buy new ones and to that I say “fuck that”.

As I followed the directions on this post to build my Hackintosh, I did encounter the problematic error message in the first link that states “No Disk Available To Install On. UniBeast installation requires a HFS-partitioned removable disk with at least 7 GB free.” with my 128 GB PNY thumb drive, however, all I had to do to get UniBeast to install on it was simply to create multiple partitions and to just make sure the partition I wanted to install it on was sized under 32 GB.

That was it, no additional purchases were necessary. This seems to be another one of those scenarios where shitty forum advice duped some users into wasting money all because some assholes were lazy and used the blankly over-stated “it’s not supported” line.

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