Asterisk – Modular Dialplan

This is just a table of contents of the various Asterisk dialplan modules I have created over the last couple of years and am releasing to the general public as open-source in hopes that somebody finds them as useful as I do.

In my days as a Network Administrator managing six interconnected, fully-meshed branch office PBX’s at a telemarketing firm, maintaining six separate dialplans became a tiresome effort which ultimately led to my creation of the dialplan modules.

The goals of the entire project were as follows:

  1. Modularize all of the routine tasks that are performed in the dialplan.
  2. Substantially reduce the overall amount of and repetition of code in the dialplan.
  3. Reduce the management overhead of the dialplan.
  4. Make debugging of the dialplan easy to follow and legible.
  5. Optimize the use of global and channel variables to reduce the amount and locations of future dialplan changes.
  6. Update the dialplan from Asterisk v1.4 to v11 syntax. ie – Convert all macros to subroutines.
  7. Incorporate the use of subroutines with the ability to pass variables via the “Gosub” command.

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