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Mac OS X – Install Zabbix Agent from Source

This isn’t too complicated, so let’s try to keep this short and sweet. In my case, I was installing version 2.4.7 of the Zabbix Agent at the time, but I’ve made it to where you can download the current version of the source if you want.
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Mac OS X – Export Google Chrome Browsing History to CSV File from the Terminal

This post is just for my own personal reference, but you can use it too if you like. Just make sure to change the “UserName” below to whatever that user’s home directory is. I’ve mashed the code together from the following sources, changed it to export in csv format (making it easier to import into Excel or Open Office for further manipulation), made it into a one-liner for sake of ease, put the data in ascending order based on last URL visit date, and converted the dates into human readable format. View Post

Mac OS X – Install Yosemite/El Capitan via USB Thumb Drive or How to Get the DMG Image

Howdy folks, this is just another somewhat plagiaristic post for my own future reference. I found this info hyah and unfortunately I was unable to retrace my steps to find my original source on where to locate the .dmg file in the installer package.

Download the latest version of Yosemite/El Capitan from the App Store and make sure you’ve formatted your USB thumb drive with the Disk Utility. Then open up a terminal and issue the following commands:
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Mac OS X El Capitan – Cannot Restart into Boot Camp Partition

Ever since the 10.11 update, I couldn’t force a restart into my Windows Boot Camp partition on my Mac from the terminal, I would get an error message “Could Not Set Boot Device Property: 0xe00002bc”.

After a bunch of riggamaroll and dicking around with the USB keyboard not being detected for freaking ever, I was finally able to get booted into recovery mode. In the past, I have been able to hold the “Alt” key to select a boot device from the boot menu, but for some reason it wasn’t working any more on my Windows keyboard. I never could get the USB keyboard to show up until I was fully booted up into the OS, so eventually I swapped it out for a name brand keyboard and then it worked.
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Mac OS X – Force Spotlight Search to Index a Network Folder

I’ve had some ongoing issues with some Mac users at work recently who were complaining about the length of time that it was taking for Finder to open up some of our network shares. At first, I thought that the issue may have stemmed from our backups that happened to be running at the same time, but after I figured out how to make those processes run in the background and only when the system was idle and that the problem was still prevalent, I had to investigate further.

Upon further inspection, I found that the folders in the network drives they were accessing and sometimes taking up to a minute or more to populate, in most cases had several thousand files and subfolders. After the initial loading of the folder, everything was still easily accessible and readily available after that if you left that directory and came back into it, so chalk it up to a folder caching/indexing issue. View Post

Hackintosh – Install UniBeast on a 128 GB PNY USB Thumb Drive

While dicking around trying to get UniBeast 5.0 to install on a 128 GB PNY thumb drive so I could install Yosemite on a PC at work, I ran across several posts on saying that thumb drives over 32 GB weren’t supported (here is an example) and that a bunch of users were saying that they had to go out and buy new ones and to that I say “fuck that”.
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Windows Explorer – Cannot Read From the Source File or Disk

Sometimes when users on a Mac manipulate files on a Windows network share, files get left with missing attributes where there is no security tab in the properties, you cannot take ownership of the files nor can you delete them and you get an error message that states “Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.”.
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Exchange 2010 OWA – Outgoing Attachments Not Visible in Compose New Message Window

For about the last nine months to a year, I have been having ongoing problems with Exchange 2010 OWA with SP3 not showing attachments on outgoing emails. Even though the attachments would still get delivered, the location where the attachments would normally show up had completely disappeared and you couldn’t remove items after attaching them. I can personally vouch that this issue affected IE8, IE10, IE11 on PC and Google Chrome on MAC. As for Firefox or Safari, I can’t really remember whether they were affected or not and since it’s already fixed I have no way of testing it.
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