NextCloud – Purge Music Library from DB

I recently posted an old bash script I had written to forcefully rescan the music library for the music app in NextCloud when new files aren’t being found, but what happens when you delete or make some changes to the MP3’s or file structure of your music library, then you go to run the rescan library occ script, and NextCloud proceeds to go ape shit, spewing a whole lot of errors in RED, and you can’t do anything? What now, home slice?

Welp, after some research, I found the easiest fix was just to dump the corresponding “oc_music_tracks” table from the database and start fresh. So again, it’s script writin’ time, boyz and girlz!

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NextCloud – Rescan Music Library for All Users

NextCloud is a kick-ass piece of open-source software for personal cloud file sharing, backing up cell phones, email, and other forms of data, syncing contact lists, online collaboration, communication, and a variety of other use cases, but over the last few years, I’ve come across a few pitfalls and annoyances that required manual interventions. In doing so, I’ve lost quite a few man-hours of my pitiful existence on this planet scouring forums and GitHub posts, so let my loss be your gain.

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