Google AdSense Ads Are Not Displayed in Firefox with Startpage Privacy Protection Installed

Oh man, I was banging my head off of the desk for a good long while trying to figure out why Google AdSense ads were not being displayed using Google SiteKit (Version 1.92.0) on a WordPress installation (Version 6.1.1). I scoured forums for countless hours on end blindly following rabbit trails of various troubleshooting steps, install guides on Google AdSense and Tag Manager manual installation, and reading other people’s articles that were having similar error messages, none of which were overly helpful, but was not having any luck. It’s only in retrospect, that I realized if I were paying closer attention to some really obvious details, I could have spared myself some grief and several more wasted ticks off the old life clock.

These are the two primary (redacted) error messages I was getting:

Blocked By Extension

TLDR – “Blocked By Extension” was the dead giveaway I kept overlooking.

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS request did not succeed). Status code: (null).

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Firefox – Version 33 Update Causes Certificate Error in Webmin

Copied this highly useful info straight from this website. Very strange that I didn’t have this problem until I hit Firefox version 39 but it is possible that I just hadn’t administered that particular server for a long time in Webmin.

Recent browser versions (e.g. Firefox 33) refuse to work with older Webmin installs.

They give a sec_error_invalid_key error, offer a ‘Try again’ button, but do not offer an option to add an exception.

Firefox 33 no longer supports certificates with private keys smaller than 1024 bits.

You can replace your webmin certificate with a new one by running this command: Continue reading “Firefox – Version 33 Update Causes Certificate Error in Webmin”