Cisco SPA Series IP Phones – How to Backup and Restore a Config

All of this info was found on a forum post on the Cisco website and I have tested and verified it works.

To backup your Cisco SPA 50x Series IP Phone’s config, in your web browser, enter the URL of your device’s web management page followed by “/admin/spacfg.xml”.

In the web browser, go to File > Save As and rename the file ending in “.cfg” Continue reading “Cisco SPA Series IP Phones – How to Backup and Restore a Config”

Cisco SPA500S Excel Sidecar Template

Here is an Excel spreadsheet I found somewhere on the internet and modified to be the exact dimensions for the Cisco SPA500S sidecar (aka the Attendant Console) that works with any of the SPA 5xxG series of IP phones. I’ve even added extra columns to be able to add an extension and a description if you want for each line key button, which is perfect for a call center type environment. All you have to do is fill out the line keys you want on the template, print it out on any 8.5×11 sheet of paper (or any size paper that will fit the cells for that matter), then brush up on your kindergarten cutting skills and you’re in business. Enjoy!
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