pcapsipdump – Dump SIP Signalling and RTP Streams Per Call Leg into Separate Pcap Files

For a VoIP administrator, in order to properly diagnose and troubleshoot issues sometimes, you need the ability to go to be able to go back in time and dig deep within packet traces to get to the heart of the problem. Unfortunately, this means following the NSA’s policy and doing blanket data collection if you can handle the disk storage requirements.

Sure if the problem is easily reproducible, then you can either do a SIP trace in your VoIP software to get just the signalling data or if you need the RTP streams too, you can use “tcpdump” to capture the packets and avoid this scenario altogether but that isn’t always the case and using tcpdump certainly does have it’s limitations.

Capture (pcap) files get huge and harder to work with, you have to create filters to find the data you need, the list goes on and on. Of course, there are some helpful switches you can use to try to get around this when trying to capture data for long periods of time but then you still run into the problem of needing to run the application as a daemon, rotating log files, and then you still have to dig extensively for the data you need.
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Bash Script – Move Asterisk Call Files into Spool Directory

After running into permission issues trying to get PHP’s shell_exec command to chown call files as the asterisk user(which only root can do), I decided to make this script.

As a side note, you should be able to get the shell_exec command to work using sudo by adding the www-data user to the sudoer’s file without a password but that wouldn’t work in my particular environment. The server I was working on was extremely outdated and didn’t even have sudo installed.

Add this to /etc/sudoers
www-data ALL=NOPASSWD: /path/to/script

The following code runs the script as a daemon. You will need to update rc to start this script at default run levels and also make sure to chmod +x this file to make it executable.

filename: /etc/init.d/mvcallfile

# Move asterisk call file daemon startup script
# Author: Nathan Thomas

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