Thanks For Your Support

A special word from our founder…

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for contributing to

Although I write this blog simply because I wanted to catalog or keep track of some of my technical encounters over the years, I also enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get when I can look back and actually see some of the things I’ve dealt with in my career and if me writing about them can even help a single soul out there, then it all makes it totally worthwhile.

When one works with Windows enough and has to deal with forking over boat loads of cash constantly for licensing and basically corporate greed, it’s enough to drive a sane person mad. I’ve dealt with the Open Source community for a long time now on many different projects, and the spirit of the Linux community has truly become an inspiration to me. Although I’m not the smartest guy out there, nor do I claim to be amazing at programming or really anything for that matter, I can only hope that this blog is one way that I can sort of help give back to the community that has helped me out so much.

Stepping a little bit outside the focus of that realm, there is another noteworthy topic that I would briefly like to discuss with you that deserves some attention and it plays a major role in our overall philosophy here at PSO and that is this:

A major problem that I see on a daily basis that is wreaking massive havoc on our society and the world at large, is the push towards censorship. Whether it be the government hacking away at out our civil liberties and our right to free speech, them making attempts to ultimately control and censor the web and all facets of the media (which they already do), to put a stranglehold on your right to express your own opinions, lament, or disgust, to create, control, and steer the narrative or the contrived storyline on the news that they want you to believe, or the push to make self-censorship the norm.

Political correctness is like a shield or a firewall that is deliberately used to control or stifle debate and it causes people to move towards self-censorship. It is the equivalent of calling somebody a racist or a conspiracy theorist just to halt the conversation from going any further and not only is it destroying the foundation this country was built on, straight out of George Orwell’s “1984”, it is destroying our very language and our ability to communicate with each other and it is extremely dangerous.

Some people may think of this site as crude or that I am unprofessional and that’s fine (hell sometimes I would even agree with you on that), you are entitled to your own opinion, but I am not going to put on airs, nor am I going to pull any punches just because you say so. It’s simple, if you don’t like or are offended by what myself or any of my cohorts has said, then good, mission accomplished. Nobody said that you had to use this site or that you had to come here or that you are even welcome here.

This is about the freedom to say what you corporate douche bags might not like because that is the very definition and the rightful portrayal of the word. I am bound and determined to break this mold that a tech blog should adhere to strict limitations on what can and can not be said because you are afraid of offending some corporation that doesn’t give two shits about you and is hell bent on eavesdropping and controlling every single aspect of your life.

This is a fuckin’ tech blog with some balls. We have a backbone, we don’t bow down, we aren’t afraid to tell it like it is or to criticize you or your flawed software when it needs to be over fears that we’re going to lose some sort of sponsorship over it. Nobody owns us or tells us what to think or what to write about. The fact of the matter is this, we may grill you, we may even piss you off a bit, but at the end of the day, we get shit done ’round here, end of story!!!

For many years, I’ve covered the cost of the domain and web hosting just because I like having a place to call my own and I don’t really expect anything from anybody in regards to helping with the cost of the upkeep. That being said, I am extremely grateful for your donation and your support in general, it really means a lot.

As one of my favorite rappers Eminem would say, “Thanks for the support, asshole!”,